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Welcome to Governor’s Plaza Shoes & Service

Here at Governor’s Plaza Shoes & Service we are the number one online shoe repair service. We are fast; we are the experts with over 40 years experience. We’ve made it easy for you to mail us almost anything you need repaired. We resole cowboy boots, such as Tony Lama, Justin, Lucchese, motorcycle boots, work boots, hiking boots etc. We also resole all women and men’s shoes, for example; Allen Edmond, Bostonian, Gucci, Ferragamo, Cole Haan, we repair work shoes from simple repairs to complete rebuild using highest quality leather and rubber. Send us your hand bags, garment bags, golf bags, sport bags, leather jackets. We repair many zippers by simply replacing the slider or sewing the nylon zipper coils back to the zipper tape. We replace purse straps, strap tabs, rivets on Coach, Louis Vitton, and Gucci etc. We sew new Velcro on shoe straps, purses, backpacks etc. We can replace all elastics on most shoes. WE DO IT ALL! Michael A. Torres


Our Repair Services